Corporate News
23 Jan 2017
Concentric was awarded the HyD Contract HY/2016/06

Concentric Construction Limited, a subsidiary of Man King Holding Limited, is pleased to announce the award of Contract of HY/2016/06 "Lift and Pedestrian Walkway System at Cheung Hang Estate, Tsing Yi" project by Highway Department.


The Contract includes construction of a lift tower with two lifts and staircase of about 31m in height at Tsing Yu Street, an elevated covered walkway about 60m long connecting the lift tower to the footpath along Tsing Yi Road West, and a lift tower with single lift of about 13m in height at existing footbridge NF230 across Tsing Yi Road West, and ancillary works including associated road, footpath, drainage, slope and geotechnical, utilities, public lighting, landscaping, electrical and mechanical works, etc.

The works are scheduled to commence in February 2017 and will take about 30 months to complete.