Corporate News
25 Jun 2018
Contract NE/2015/07 awarded UK New Engineering Contract prizes
01. Layout plan 1

Concentric is very pleased to announce its Signature Project Scheme in Sha Tin – Decking of Tai Wai Nullah in Sha Tin and Revitalisation of Shing Mun River Promenade near Sha Tin Town Centre was presented with a Highly Commended Award in the New Engineering Contract (NEC) Project of the Year by the UK Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) on 20 June 2018. This award recognised excellence in project delivery through collaborative partnership between the Employer (Civil Engineering Development Department), Project Manager, the Supervising Officer (Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited) and us (the Contractor).


This Signature Project Scheme adopted NEC form which HKSAR Development Bureau has been advocating collaborative partnership in taking forward public works. The project deliverables include a 5 a side soccer pitch decking over the Tai Wai nullah in Sha Tin and revitalisation of the Shing Mun River Promenade near Sha Tin Town Centre in order to enrich sports facilities in the district and enhance the environment by revitalising the Shing Mun River promenade. The thematic lighting system installed on the bridges across Shing Mun River has been in operation since June last year.


Our project team has been competently managing in overcoming the construction constraints and risks that the project has been challenged through strong spirit of mutual trust and cooperation with all project team members and concerned stakeholders. The delivery of the project is by far a true success with 5 months ahead of the programme for the completion of the soccer pitch whilst the prime project objectives in quality, safety, community and public expectations/ needs and cost are all well managed and achieved.