Corporate Governance

Man King is governed by a Board of Directors, which comprises two executive directors, one non-executive director and three independent non-executive directors and is supported by a team of loyal, experienced and professional management staff.


The management of the Group is vested in the Board of Directors, which consists of a sufficient mixture of non-executive and independent members. The majority of Board members is non-executive. This composition aims to safeguard the governance and effectiveness of the Board and to ensure the objective of adding value to all shareholders, investors, clients and community in the short, medium and long terms.


The Board has overall responsibility of the Group, including adopting and overseeing the implementation of the Group’s strategic objectives, risk strategy, risk policies, corporate governance and corporate values, as well as ensuring that adequate, effective and independent controls are in place.


In carrying out its oversight duties, the Board is supported by various committees and senior management staff members. These committees are chaired by either executive or independent non-executive members. A charter was established to each Committee, which indicates the Committee’s scope of work, membership structure and composition, meetings as well as its roles and responsibilities.


List of Directors and their Roles and Functions

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