Corporate News
30 Apr 2019
Concentric was awarded contract CV/2018/02 "Temporary Construction Waste Sorting Facilities (2019-2022)"

In cooperation with our chosen partner, Concentric Construction Limited is pleased to announce the award of the Term Service Contract No. CV/2018/02 "Temporary Construction Waste Sorting Facilities (2019-2022)" by HKSAR Civil Engineering and Development Department.


This new contract includes the operation and maintenance of two existing temporary Construction Waste Sorting Facilities at Tseng Kwan O Area 137 and Tuen Mun Area 38, together with the operation and maintenance of their respective associated Site Charging and Disposal Record System. Its works are to carry out effective sorting process to incoming mixed Construction Waste so as to maximize the recovery of the Sorted Inert Construction Waste for disposal at these two public fill reception facilities and correspondingly minimize the disposal of Residue after the soring process at designated landfills. The service is scheduled to commence in May 2019 and will take about 36 months to complete.


As part of Corporate Responsibilities in Environment, the Company appreciates its participation to contribute in the local waste reduction program and establishment of the green environment.