Corporate News
01 Nov 2019
Concentric was awarded contract YL/2018/03 "Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop: Main Works Package 1"

Concentric is awarded a 16-month, HK$34.8 million Contract No. YL/2018/03 “Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop: Main Works Package 1 – Special Site Investigation Works (In-situ Trial of Sediment Treatment Works in Shenzhen River) and Laboratory Testing” with HKSAR Civil Engineering Development Department (CEDD).


On 10 October 2019, Concentric commenced to perform works which included riverbed survey and in-situ trials of bioremediation for sediment treatment in Shenzhen River within the HKSAR boundary of Shenzhen River.


This contract provides the opportunity for Concentric to further enhance its specialty in bioremediation treatment for sediment and associated laboratory testing. Our team of specially trained and motivated professional personnel will use their specialized bioremediation experience to accomplish the tasks in close collaboration with CEDD and its consultant.