Corporate Responsibility

The future of our company lies with its people and we recognise that the demand for a more balanced and integrated workforce at all levels is a priority.


Providing Training and Development opportunities to our workforce is not simply a matter of getting more from our people. We know that work should be challenging, rewarding and stimulating – providing new opportunities to overcome obstacles and develop skills. With this in mind, we make sure that all the staffs across every part of the business have regular opportunities to learn and grow.


The fundamental objective of our training and development philosophy is thus to provide a career development programme for employees who would be in line with the individual needs of the employee as well as with the organisational demands of the Company. We strive to: -

  • Establish a culture of learning through training and development. This is  intended to equip employees with the necessary skills to facilitate service excellence and the company’s growth objectives
  • Ensure that training and development practices and opportunities are equal for all employees regardless of race or gender;
  • Utilise employees fully in positions for which they are qualified for;
  • Advance existing employees from within the organisation prior to satisfying the needs of the Group externally.